Photo Management Software

 This is just my attempt to put down 'requirements' for my own photo management needs. I am currently evaluating various photo management software tools.

My Nikon D7000 Settings (incomplete)

A few friends asked me about my D7000 settings. So I just thought it will be nice to document all my settings neatly and share with everybody. Only settings that are different from the default are noted below. I mostly use the Programmed Auto (P) mode while shooting, so all the settings noted below are for that mode (where applicable). So here it goes. I have tried to be as thorough as possible. But add comments to let me know if I missed anything. [STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS; STAY TUNED].

What I like about Windows 7?

Windows 7 is out today. But I have been using it for a long time now. On my home PC and also on my work laptop.

Trying the flockcast

This is a simple blog just to see if I can push a blog to my own site and at the same time post a link to Facebook.

Flock 2.5

I have been trying flock from time to time to see how it is progressing. It has now become very very impressive, with Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Delicious, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail integration.

What's consuming my disk space?

Do you sometimes wonder what's taking your disk space? If you have thousands of files like I do, it can get very difficult to quickly see what is consuming all the disk space.

Gold Plated PC?

I thought it was some kind of joke at first. But no! It is real. Check it out!

Tips & Tricks

 This is a collection of my tricks and tips about various technologies and gadgets.

How long will Windows XP live?

Well, I think as long as people find it useful. Of course there is the other question of how long Microsoft will provide support for the OS.

How to use Windows Live Writer to publish to Drupal

Well, whenever I think of a problem, I always check if anyone else encountered it before. And Google is your friend here.

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