Rain rain go away!

Very heavy rains are affecting normal life in many parts of India.


Day 4 in India. We are in Mumbai. We are still adjusting to the new timezone. The kids have more trouble with jet lag than us. Weather is horrible.

And here I go!!!

WOW! This feels really good. I'm here near our departure gate at Portland airport just checking mails etc. on my laptop and I just realized for next two months I don't have to worry about work!

Safari 3.0 Beta

Apple today announced Safari 3.0 will be available for Windows XP and Vista too! That's great news!

Summer Vacation

I am so looking forward to my upcoming sabbatical. We are going to India. This is going to be right in the middle of the monsoon season, so it's going to be very interesting. I never missed the sweaty, humid and dusty springs and summers in Mumbai while living here in Pacific northwest, but I miss the monsoon. Sure, monsoon is messy and inconvenient sometimes--when it disrupts travel plans because of flooded roads-- but I still like it. Monsoon is nothing like the constant drizzle you see in Pacific northwest. On the west cost of India, when it rains it pours. I am looking forward to get soaked in the monsoon rain.

We'll be celebrating our second daughter's first birthday in India. Besides that there is no other big event or place to visit. Just see family and friend and have a blast! That's the plan!

Blogging with ScribeFire

I had been searching for a powerful, easy-to-use blogging client and I have found one! I use Firefox and ScribeFire integrate well with it. On a click it splits the window into two and offers anice blogger client. It is a good mash-up product with technorati anddel.icio.us integration. I am yet to explore all the features but thissounds pretty good. It provides posting to several blog sites and APIs,including Movable Type, LiverJournal, Drupal, Wordpress and even theMicrosoft Live Spaces! I was unable to get the Live Spaces accountworking. But this may be a problem at live.com end because I was alsounable to get it working from the Windows Live Writer which isMicrosoft's blogging client. This post is coming directly from my Firefox browser using ScribeFire.

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

It's March 11 already and at least for me everything seems fine.

SMS through email

SMS has become very popular now a days. But what I don't like about SMS is typing a long message with the 12 key keypad on a cell phone.


[G2:22456 class=g2image_float_left aframe=notebook] Holi is a festival of colors. It is mainly celebrated in western and northern India. It coincides with the harvest season. In some parts of India it is a major festival. This is also thought to be the beginning of spring season in India. In fact it is known as Vasant Utsav (Spring Festival) in some parts of India.

Moved to new site

I have moved my pages (blog and photo album) to new address. This site was earlier available at http://amit.bapat.net:8080. I have now moved it to http://amitbapat.com.

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