Flock 1.0

I had not checked in a while about Flock. It seems to be coming along nicely. It looks a lot more polished. I'm using the Linux version on Ubuntu and some things don't seem to work correctly.

Home Theater Refresh

My home theater refresh is complete now.

Free Audio Books

I recently came across a site called Librivox which has a large collection of audio books.

How long will Windows XP live?

Well, I think as long as people find it useful. Of course there is the other question of how long Microsoft will provide support for the OS.

How to use Windows Live Writer to publish to Drupal

Well, whenever I think of a problem, I always check if anyone else encountered it before. And Google is your friend here.

Trying out the new Windows Live Writer

This sounds interesting. Now all the Microsoft "Live" programs come bundled into one nice "suite".

Desktop Operating Systems

Compared to Windows Vista I find that Ubuntu's user interface is much more elegant and doesn't come in your way of doing useful work.

Nikon announces full frame DSLR

At last almost 5 years after Canon brought it's full frame DSLR to market, Nikon has announced a full frame DSLR camera of its own,


Accessing internet after a long long time... at least that's how it feels like. We both (me and Shraddha) are so addicted to the net that now even a few day's away from the net feels like long.


Day 4 since we started our south-east asia trip. We left Pune late night on 22nd. On day 2 we took a Mumbai-Kolkata-Bangkok flight and then a bus ride to Pattaya.

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