Keyboard Shortcuts

 Mac keyboards are slightly different from Windows. Just like on a Windows laptop, MacBook Pro has fewer keys than a desktop keyboard. Here are some shortcuts I find useful and how they are different in behavior from their Windows counterparts. Note that some of the key bindings are specific to a Mac laptop since it has fewer keys.

Ctrl = control key

Cmd = command or Apple key

Opt = option or alt key

delete = Though Apple calls it 'delete' it works more like backspace key from Windows world.

Useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac
Keyboard Shortcut Description
Cmd-Tab Cycle through applications. This is similar to Alt-Tab on windows, but different in that it cycles through applications, not windows. Difference being if you have multiple Word documents open, it will only bring forward the latest Word window for you, but won't cycle through all available Word windows (like in Windows). Macintosh user interface is application centric, while Windows user interface is, well window centric. Each individual application windows stands on its own.
Cmd-` That's the backquote key. Cycle through application windows. Only useful when you have multiple windows open for the same application. Essentially the Alt-Tab functionality of Windows is broken down into two in the Mac world this way.

Fn-Up Arrow
Fn-Down Arrow
Fn-Left Arrow
Fn-Right Arrow

Since the Mac laptop doesn't have full keyboard, home, end, page up, page down keys are not available. Hence you have to these key combinations. Fn-Up Arrow/Fn-Down Arrow map to page up and page down, while Fn-Left Arrow/Fn-Right Arrow map to home and end respectively.
Ctrl-Shift-Eject Put display to sleep. If you have 'Require password after sleep or screen saver begins' checked under System Preferences -> Security, then this is equivalent to Win-L (Lock Screen) in Windows world. Note that this puts display to sleep and not start screen saver so slightly different than Windows.
Cmd-Alt-Eject Put computer to sleep. There is no separate sleep button on your Mac, so this one is handy. Use this keyboard shortcut to put your mac laptop to sleep without having to close the lid.
Cmd-Ctrl-Eject Restart computer.
Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-Eject Shutdown computer. Careful with this one as your Mac will not wait for your confirmation etc., and just shutdown the machine as quickly as possible. Very handy when you know you're going to keep your computer off for a while and you don't have any important document to save, but need to shutdown and go. Think about when you're at the airport about to board and you need to quickly wrap-up.
Cmd-Shift-3 Take screenshot
Cmd-Shift-4 Take screen clipping of an area
Cmd-Shift-4 Space Take screenshot of a window
Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-3 Take screenshot and put it on clipboard
Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-4 Take screen clipping of an area and put it on clipboard
Cmd-Shift-Ctrl-4 Space Take screenshot of a window and put it on clipboard