My Nikon D80 system

In October 2006, I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy a digital SLR camera. Since the digital SLRs started  coming to market in 1999, I had been waiting for an affordable, full frame digital SLR. And in August 2005 we saw Canon announce their first full frame digital SLR camera Canon EOS 5D. But that was still way over my budget.

Photo Session

[G2:20353 class=right aframe=notebook ]We went to 'Picture People' last week to get our photos taken. Our main goal was to get a nice portrait of Shriya. They took lots of photos. But as luck would have it, some of the photos didn't come out right. Shriya's portrait was one of them. Taking pictures of a small baby is tough. But Shriya was in good mood all along. The reason we rejected the photos was because they were blurry or not composed properly or out of focus. Anyway, checkout the album.